June 5th, 2024

Making Learning Fun: A School-Wide Boddle Challenge Success Story

At Boddle Learning, we believe education can be both fun and effective. Our platform combines engaging mini-games with rigorous Math and ELA practice, creating an immersive learning experience for students. Recently, Edwin Markham Elementary School demonstrated the power of this approach by hosting a school-wide Boddle challenge. This case study explores the details and impact of their exciting event.

Key Outcomes:
  • Improved Learning: Optimism for better performance on STAR and Smarter Balance Assessments.
  • High Engagement: 112 out of 230  participants met the challenge goals.
  • Tools Utilization: Effective use of Boddle's Report tool to track progress.

Edwin Markham Elementary School, located north of Pasco, Washington, sought an engaging way to boost math skills and prepare students for state testing. The school wanted to motivate students from pre-K to 5th grade to practice math in a fun and interactive manner. With a total of 230 students, the goal was to create a challenge that would encourage widespread participation and make learning enjoyable.


Davina Pink, an ELA/Math Instructional Coach, organized the "Math is Fun!" challenge using Boddle.com. The challenge ran from March 4th, 2024, to May 3rd, 2024. The goals were set at 300 questions answered correctly for pre-K, 400 for K-2, and 800 for 3-5. To incentivize participation, students who met these goals were rewarded with an ice cream day, with extra scoops and toppings for tiered achievements.

Teachers integrated the challenge into their classroom routines, allowing students to work on Boddle after completing other assignments or during designated times. Information and reminders were also sent home to make the challenge a collaborative effort between teachers, students, and parents.


The "Math is Fun!" challenge was a resounding success:

  • Student Engagement: 112 out of 230 students met the challenge goals, and one dual language 1st grade class achieved full participation.
  • Enjoyable Learning: Students particularly enjoyed mini-games like Boddle Blast and Pet Battles, where they could battle monsters, level up pets, and compete against friends, all while learning math and ELA.
  • Tracking Progress: Teachers used Boddle.com to monitor student progress, with Davina providing regular updates. This approach ensured that students stayed on track and teachers could effectively manage the challenge.
  • Overcoming Challenges: The Boddle support team provided prompt and effective advice and ensured the challenge ran smoothly.

The school-wide Boddle challenge at Edwin Markham Elementary School highlights the power of integrating fun into learning. The challenge not only engaged a significant number of students but also demonstrated the effectiveness of Boddle Learning in enhancing math skills. The positive outcomes, including high participation and student enjoyment, underscore the potential for similar initiatives in other schools. We are inspired by Davina Pink's leadership and look forward to supporting more educators in creating impactful learning experiences with Boddle Learning.

How to Host a Boddle Challenge at Your School:
1. Set Clear Goals:

Define achievable goals before starting. Adjust if necessary, but having a clear target helps maintain focus.

2. Manage Game Time:

Teachers should control game access, limiting it to specific times like Fun Fridays or as rewards.

3. Send Regular Reminders:

Use platforms like Dojo or Facebook to keep students and parents engaged with consistent updates and reminders.

4. Provide Multiple Login Cards:

Give out login cards several times to prevent issues with lost information.


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