Hey Texas and Florida! We have TEKS and MAFS Standards!

Did you know Boddle has TEKS and MAFS? We’ve sorted through all of the thousands of Boddle skills and matched them to Texas and Florida math state standards! Not only does this benefit teachers from those states, but it also benefits the students. 

What are TEKS and MAFS?

In case you don’t know, TEKS stands for “Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills.” MAFS stands for “Mathematics Florida Standards.” Each is a list of learning standards and skills teachers are required to include in their lessons. For each grade, there is a certain number of standards teachers must integrate into their lessons throughout the year. Once a student has passed and learned the required standards, they can move on to the next grade.

Why Standards-Aligned Content Matters? 

By having Texas and Florida’s state standards available on Boddle, teachers are able to use Boddle not only as a fun activity, but also as a viable teaching tool. Teachers can assign specific standards for their students to practice and review. 

This not only decreases the time teachers spend lesson planning, but it also allows them to spend more time in class teaching and working with students. Also, if each student needs additional practice on a different set of skills, teachers can assign each individual student the exact skills they need to work on. 

Additionally, having state standards linked to Boddle skills helps the students! Boddle makes learning fun and interactive, but it’s also valuable as it teaches students state-required material and supplements the teacher’s lessons. Students can enjoy learning required math skills and improve their understanding of those skills through Boddle. 

So if you’re a teacher in Texas or in Florida, Boddle can help! Through Boddle, you can increase student comprehension, reinforce your lessons, and meet your state requirements all while engaging your students’ creative and playful sides!

Other Standards?

Currently, Boddle also has the standards for Common Core, Missouri Learning Standards, and Oklahoma Academic Standards for grades K-6. Boddle will soon be adding more state standards as well! 

Feel free to reach out to us to let us know what standards you want next!

Our hope is that every student in every state can learn and grow on Boddle, and that every teacher can use Boddle’s tools to help strengthen and reinforce their lessons.