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Boddle Premium Bulk-Orders do not renew automatically. Boddle Premium gives students the most features to make learning with Boddle even more engaging.

Benefits for your child
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Boddle Premium
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Base gameplay features
Standard educational content
Base rewards and items
Seasonal Boddle Pass access every season
1 exclusive outfit Boddle Pass per season
Additional battle points
Additional coins
Additional Pet battles benefit
Additional XP bonuses
Access to membership exclusive shop items
Benefits for students
Boddle Premium
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Base gameplay features
Amazing educational content
Base rewards and items
Premium Boddle Pass access every season
More gold and rewards
More surprise boxes
More exclusive outfit items
More exclusive Shop items
Higher Battle Point Limit
2 extra Daily Quests
1 extra Weekly Quest
Plus these benefits for parents
  • Parent portal
  • See activity and get insights
  • See which questions are causing trouble
  • Track your child’s progress

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6 million+ students on Boddle and growing!

Participate in your child’s learning

Healthy screen time

Unlock your child’s confidence to learn. Inspire your child to learn independently with questions that automatically match to your child’s skill level and rewards that keep them motivated.

Follow your child’s

Know how your child’s doing.
Easy to understand reports let you know how they’re progressing in their math knowledge and where you can step in to provide additional help.

Encourage learning

Learning can be seriously fun. Tablet, desktop, and mobile phone apps let your child play Boddle anywhere.

Perfect Balance of Learning + Fun

Unlock your student's confidence to learn. So fun and engaging that students have a blast learning with in-game rewards that keep them motivated.

Content that matches your Curriculum

Finding quality content that is aligned to your standards can be difficult. That’s why we’ve made sure to include quality math content aligned to most state standards including CCSS, TEKS, and MAFS.

Encourage Learning Everywhere

Learning can be seriously fun. Students with Boddle Premium spend more time practicing their skills with Boddle outside of school.

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