Tour the Student Experience

Hey there! Below we take you on a brief tour of the student experience on Boddle.

Watch the video below or continue reading!

Getting Started

There are a few ways to start playing Boddle:

  1. Go to and press the “Play the Game” button
  2. Go straight to
  3. Download the app for iPads and Tablets

Boddle offers different ways for your students to login and create accounts. 

  • If you imported students from Google, have them click “Sign in with Google
  • If you imported students from Clever, have them select “Sign in with Clever
  • If you manually added students, have them enter their usernames and passwords
  • If your students don’t have accounts yet, have them click “Sign Up” and enter your unique class code (found in your Teacher Dashboard under “Quick Links”)

(Quick Tip: Tell your students to press the “Remember Me” button so they don’t have to sign in each time they use Boddle.)

Starting the Game

Once logged in, students will get to customize their Boddle characters and will be taken through a short tutorial that shows them how to navigate and play the game.

In the tutorial, students will learn about the 3 streak system:

  • After 3 correctly answered questions, they’ll get to spin the Wheel of Prizes
  • They have the chance to win coins or knowledge points
  • Coins are used to buy fun items in the Shop
  • Knowledge points are used to play arcade games

Each math question has learning tools students can use:

  • Text-to-speech button
  • A sketch tool
  • Instructional videos
  • A rationale that explains the what the correct answer is after they answer wrong


When you create an assignment, it is automatically delivered in-game, regardless of what students are playing. So, whether they’re in the arcade or just answering questions, your assignment will find them.

Students can also find assignments under the “Quests” button. 

Game Features

There are many great game features in Boddle: the Backpack, the Shop, the Arcade, the Home base, and the Buddy List.

  • The Backpack is where students will find their inventory.
  • The Shop is where they can buy new items to add to their inventory; it has new items daily, to keep things fresh.
  • The Arcade is where all the awesome games are located. The games require knowledge points to play. Along the way, students will need to replenish their knowledge points and answer math questions at a refill station. Read more about the arcade games here.
  • Students also get a fun Home base that they can decorate and rearrange as they wish.
  • Lastly, there’s the Buddy List. Here, students can add their friends, and soon they’ll be able to play alongside them, compete against them, or give them gifts!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!