Usage Report - Parents

Boddle’s Usage Report helps you track your child’s usage and performance at a glance.

To access the Usage Report, first login to your Boddle parent account and select the child whose data you would like to view.

Next, click the Reports button on the far left toolbar. After that, scroll to the right and click on Usage.

From here, you will be able to view data such as: performance and accuracy, time spent per question and overall time spent, as well as the last time your child logged in and how many sessions have been completed.

You can also adjust the date range to view your child’s progress over the span of a whole school year.

When viewing usage data for your child, scroll down below the graph to see examples of the specific questions your child answered.

You’ll also find which answer your child chose as well as how long it took to answer the question, and even a video Learning Tool for clarification.

Happy Learning!