Boddle Launches Android Mobile App!

💙  We’ve got some exciting news for Android users… the Boddle app is now available in the Google Play App Store! 🎉  Unlock the Boddle universe on your mobile devices, and start having fun while learning today!

Boddle Learning Android Launch

Click here to download the app in the Google Play App Store.

🥳 With the Android app, kids will fill up on knowledge as they adventure through the Boddle universe. 🚀 Learning should be fun, and young learners will love customizing their Boddles and engaging in quests as they acquire new mathematical concepts. ⭐  We believe that there is such a thing as healthy screen time, and Boddle is here to help students have fun while learning. 

👀 PLUS, we just launched some exciting new game features and updates. Click here to read the full blog post.