May 16th, 2022

New, Exciting Major Update!! Multiplayer, Pets, & AT&T 5G Exclusive Feature!

Attention all students, teachers and parents! We have some amazing updates to share with you—just in time for summer!

The first is our newest game—Pet Battles! It’s a multiplayer mode that gamifies learning by having fun interactions in between sessions of learning content.

You can battle friends using cute unique pets (also part of this massive update). You can also play by yourself to defeat the Baddies!

Also, AT&T customers with 5G enabled devices, keep reading to discover an exclusive feature made just for you!

There's a lot to unpack with this big update. Read the full details below or jump to the section that's important to you by clicking the links:

👀 What is Pet Battles?

Pet Battles is our new multiplayer and puzzle game. Students have the option to play in PvP (player versus player) mode or in adventure mode (against Baddies!) They can choose which maps to battle on, and as they play and earn experience points (EXP), new stages will unlock on the maps.

Pet Puzzle Battles is found in the arcade, but unlike the arcade games, it doesn’t require knowledge points to play. However, students will have to answer math questions each turn in the game. We’ll go into more detail later.

In order to play, students must first build their team of pets.

Building Team: Planting & Growing

Your original team of four pets is given to you the first time you play the game. To collect more pets, you need to first obtain a pet seed. Once you do, you can plant it and care for it as it grows. 

You can get seeds in a couple of ways:

  1. Through battle passes (loot boxes & rewards)
  2. Through the store

Pet seeds do not reveal the type of pet they contain, but some do reveal the elemental alignment. Each pet is unique and special! Each is devoted to its Boddle wholeheartedly.

Types of pets you can grow:

  1. Cat
  2. Berry
  3. Potted Plant
  4. Coconut
  5. Cactus
  6. Mushroom

Types of elemental alignments:

  1. Fire
  2. Water
  3. Grass
  4. Electricity

After you get a seed, you can plant it in the greenhouse and water it with knowledge points. As a reminder, knowledge points are earned by answering math questions in Boddle. The more you learn, the more you can grow your plant seeds.

When the pet-plant has fully grown, you can click on it and your new pet will be revealed! Team up with it in Battle to level it up and increase its strength, unlocking special skills!

When a pet reaches level 5, they get headgear that unlocks a special skill that will happen every time the pet makes a 5 piece match. At level 15, the pets get their very own pet, affectionately named Pet-Pets. The Pet-Pets have their own special abilities that activate every time the player makes an 8-piece match.

Building Team: Collecting Pets

Now that you’ve grown your pets, it’s time to pick some to join you in battle! A team is made up of 4 pets and 1 you.

Before you enter the arena, you’ll be prompted to select which pets to take with you into battle. For every battle you win, your pets will gain EXP, and the more EXP they gain, the stronger they’ll become. 

Each pet has unique skills and abilities, so it's important to continue planting and growing new seeds and boost your battle skills.

Eventually, you’ll have an epic team, completely unique to you!

⭐ Pet Battles: The Battle

So, what does Pet Battles look like?

Students don’t need to spend Knowledge Points to play the game like the other arcade games; however, they do need to answer a math question correctly to make a successful attack against their opponent.

Pet Battles is a twist on a classic match-3 game, except the more pieces you connect, the more powerful the attack is. Students have 60 seconds to make a valid connection on the puzzle board, and 60 seconds to answer the math question

If they answer incorrectly, the attack fails, but if they answer correctly, it’s a success!

The puzzle pieces can be one of 4 elements, the same that pets are aligned with: fire, water, grass, and electricity.

Students can only connect pieces of the same element. Those pieces will then power up a pet of the same type. For instance, if you have a grass-type mushroom, the grass pieces will only work with that pet.

If a pet’s health drops below the bar, they will turn into a little seed, and the player will lose 1 life. But don’t worry! The pet is okay and will return after 2 turns.

Battle the Baddies with your Pets

There are two different modes you can play in Pet Battle. The first is adventure mode where you will battle against the infamous Baddies with your mighty pets.

Baddies love causing trouble and pulling pranks. You’ve encountered the Baddies before in Boddle Blast, but now you get the chance to take them on in an epic battle of wits. 

There are a few types of Baddies to watch out for, each have their own powers and effects: the normal, the elite, the mini-bosses, and the Boss.

Baddies are aligned with different elements, just like pets are. So, you can defeat them by targeting the Baddies who are weak to certain elements.

Play Against Friends in Multiplayer

We did say multiplayer, didn’t we? You can battle against your friends and classmates in Boddle’s PvP mode! Challenge your friends to a fight by inviting them through the Buddy List or from the Pet Battles home screen. 

Build your team and test your skills against theirs as you both strive for victory! These friendly battles strengthen your math skills by making you both better equipped to fight against the Baddies and to tackle math problems.

You can play against anyone who you’re friends with on the Buddy List, but make sure they’re available to play first. Your friends won’t be able to join if they’re in another game or in the middle of a quiz.

🚀AT&T 5G AR Mode

Boddle and the awesome people at AT&T have joined forces to offer AT&T 5G customers an exclusive augmented reality experience!

The AR feature is exclusive to AT&T customers with an AT&T 5G device, and best experienced on AT&T 5G*. There is no cost to use it, you simply need to be an AT&T customer with an AT&T 5G device.

Now you can battle against your friends and the Baddies in real life. With your world and the Boddle world melded in one, it’s sure to be an epic experience!

How to Access the AT&T 5G AR Mode

This exclusive AR mode can be turned on and off via a toggle that is accessible from 3 places:

  • The stage selection screen
  • The arcade PVP invite modal
  • And the in-game settings menu

Students with AT&T 5G enabled devices have the option to toggle AR on and off while in the game, that way they can experience it whenever they want.

Have more questions? Feel free to check out our FAQs page.

If your question isn’t answered on this page, please feel free to reach out to us. 

*AT&T 5G requires compatible plan and device. 5G not available everywhere. Go to for details.

🎉What Parents Need to Know

You might be wondering how this big update affects you as a parent. It’s definitely exciting for your child, but there’s reasons for you to be excited as well!

Boddle’s multiplayer game can:

  1. Help make learning exciting — With new and exciting gameplay, challenges, and features, your child will feel more engaged and excited to learn! There are always new combinations and outcomes, keeping learning from becoming too repetitive and predictable.
  1. Provide your child with healthy screen time — Your child can grow new, unique pets, building powerful teams all while strengthening their math skills. It’s fun, rewarding, and educational, making Pet Battles a great and healthy source of entertainment for your child. They’ll stay busy with learning, which is great for everyone. 
  1. Keep them learning over the summer — Learning can stagnate over the summer months and information your child learned in school can sometimes be lost. But, with Boddle and Pet Battles, your child can continue learning and retaining those skills over the summer months. 

We’re super excited, and we hope you are too!

(P.S. Do you have an AT&T 5G compatible device? Then you have even more reason to be excited! AT&T users with 5G enabled devices get the exclusive feature of playing Pet Battles in AR (augmented reality)! It’s super exciting and exclusive to AT&T customers with an AT&T 5G device.)

💙What Teachers Need to Know

Boddle’s multiplayer battle game provides a great opportunity for teachers! Aside from the super engaging material, it provides constant learning and motivation. Here are some great benefits:

  1. Great to use in a rotation model — Pet Battles is a great activity to give students in a rotation learning model. It’s fun, engaging, and provides actual learning and testing opportunities. (Click here to read more about how you can use Boddle in a rotation model.)
  1. Keeps students engaged and learning — Because students play against each other, it requires wits and cunning to win the battle. Students can build their own teams that fit their playing style and challenge their opponents. Learning the best strategies and match-ups will keep your students engaged and entertained, while also giving them countless learning opportunities and math questions.
  1. Motivates them to answer correctly — Since students must answer the math questions correctly to make a successful play, they’ll be motivated to understand the material well, rather than gambling on a random guess. Their team and victory are on the line, so they’ll be motivated to learn and defeat their opponent. 
  1. Collects even more learning data — Since your students will be answering math questions for each move they make, you will gain a lot of data about their learning level and where they have knowledge gaps. You can then use this information to guide your lesson plans or identify what to assign in Boddle.
  1. Helps students engage with each other — Since Pet Battles is multiplayer, your students will get a chance to engage with each other in friendly and competitive ways. Your students can battle anyone they’re friends with on Boddle, even if they are at two different learning levels. Boddle will offer individualized questions for each student, so each is competing at their own level. 
  1. Acts as a great reward for completing work early — Pet Battles is a great reward to give students once they complete their work! They will keep learning and reinforcing their skills while having fun, getting the chance to relax and engage with their creativity!

There are so many exciting ways to use Pet Battles in the classroom and we can’t wait for you and your students to start!

If you have any further questions, please reach out to us! We’d love the chance to chat with you. Keep being awesome!