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With Boddle, you focus on what matters most.

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With Boddle, you focus on what matters most

Improve students’ confidence to learn

Achieve personalized learning goals for each student

Help educators gather the data they need for student assessments

Something for admin, teachers, and students!

When you partner with Boddle, you will receive:

  • A dedicated Success Manager to support your specific district
  • Personalized admin and teacher training for how to use Boddle
  • Access to data-rich reports that help facilitate learning and growth

Your teachers get:

  • Reporting tools that allow them to better facilitate learning and keep you informed
  • Flexible assignment creator that matches their lesson plans
  • Standards-aligned assignments delivered through fun and engaging gameplay
  • Easy parent communication and reporting tools

Your students get:

  • Math and ELA time that they will LOVE
  • Engaging opportunities to identify learning gaps and reinforce missing skills
  • Additional opportunities to excel in grade-level content
  • Access to practice outside the classroom and play with their classmates

Your parents get:

  • Easily link parents/guardians to their child’s account
  • Parents/guardians can stay up to date on their child’s progress
  • Students who have their parents/guardians linked are more engaged.

Your Teacher Dashboard

Deliver assignments, exit tickets, and practice questions — a perfect complement to summative and formative assessment activities and even standardized test prep.

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What Teachers are Saying

I use it to reinforce skills being taught in class. The students don't realize they are learning new concepts. This gives me the opportunity to see areas they need to work on.

Debbie, 5th grade teacher

Boddle is a part of my math rotations. I assign specific skills that correlate to my current curriculum. I also use it as enrichment for the high students needing a challenge.

Jenny, 2nd grade teacher

I add Boddle assignments to my extension menus where students are able to reflect on their levels within a unit and use Boddle to help support their learning goals.

Amanda, 5th grade teacher
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Progress Reports

Automatic placement tests and reports to help you track student progress and find learning gaps.

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Customizable Assignments

Create custom assignments aligned to your state standards to facilitate exit tickets, quizzes, homework, and unit tests.

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Save Time on Assessments and Practice

Your time is precious, and there are already a ton of tasks on your plate. Boddle helps you easily tailor math instruction to each student’s needs—while keeping them wanting to learn more!

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Teacher reading reports on iPad from Boddle Teacher Platform
Perfect Balance of Fun and Learning
Curriculum-Aligned Content
Time-Saving Resources for Teachers
Great for In-Class, Hybrid, and Virtual Learning

Math that Matches Your Curriculum

Finding math platforms that aligns to your state standards can be difficult. That's why we made sure to include quality math content that is aligned to state standards including TEKS and MAFS.

Personalized Learning for each Student

  • Adaptive Learning

    Address each student's specific learning gaps using Boddle's AI to ensure they fully master skills. Gameplay is adjusted to match each student's skills, pace, and progress.

  • Differentiated Practice

    The teacher platform allows you to deliver assignments, exit tickets, and practice questions — a perfect complement to summative and formative assessment activities and even standardized test prep. The best part is that students will have a ton of fun while learning key math skills.

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Simple Parent Communication

  • You can easily link parents/guardians to their child's account so they can view progress and stay up to date. Students who have a parent/guardian accounts linked are more engaged.

Hear It Straight from our Teachers

"Everyone is on [Boddle] and loving it! I don't think I've ever heard them this excited."
- Lisa Laney
"Boddle provides rigorous instruction that I can add to their math instruction as a supplement."

"Thank you so much! I really appreciate y'all's help! My kids LOVE it and ask to play it all day! I love the features like being able to see how they did for each standard that I assign, it's awesome!"
- Elizabeth Gaber
"Boddle is really helpful during small group time. It's like they need that extra practice."

Hear It Straight from Fellow Teachers!

"Everyone is on [Boddle] and loving it! I don't think I've ever heard them this excited"
Lisa Laney
Interface Designer
"The program is amazing and the students can't get enough of it! They look forward to Tuesdays and Thursdays which happen to be our math day. Also wanted to share with you that our 2nd grader who cannot read loves your program and I believe it makes him feel good about himself. He is even trying to read the questions. Thanks again for this wonderful opportunity you have given us!"
Maria Sanchez-Chastain
Experience Designer
“Thank you for your help! The students and I have loved this new learning experience! We have been exploring together to learn all the ins and outs, sharing discoveries and tips, and having math fun! I have created an assignment to practice prior learning and they are LOVING it! Thank you again”
Jennifer Murray
Data Analyst

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