Unlocking ELA

ELA content is here! Here’s how you can unlock our new curriculum and integrate Boddle into your ELA class.

To get access to Boddle's ELA Beta, you can get on the waitlist or receive an invite from another teacher who has Boddle ELA unlocked.

To join the waitlist, log in to your Boddle teacher dashboard. Once here, there are a couple places to find the Unlock ELA button. You can click on the green "Get Boddle ELA!" button in the top right-hand corner. A pop-up will open where you can fill out a quick form to join the waitlist.

You can also access this pop-up once you've entered a classroom. You'll see a toggle switch near the top that can switch between Math and English. When you click on the lock, you'll see the same pop-up to join the waitlist.

Once you've received an invite, or reached the top of the waitlist, you can assign ELA content through gameplay just like you can with Math! Here's how you'll get started. Add ELA to an existing classroom by clicking the English button in the toggle switch, or through classroom creation by pressing the info icon beside English.

Happy Teaching!